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establishes the equivalence of mass and energy. this is the famous e equals mc squared equati that later is falsely claimed to make him the father of the atomic bomb. >> e stands for energy,@m stands for mass. the small c a. >> speed of light. >> a term of science. the c itself is the speed of light and you square the speed of light and then matter and matter becomes interchangeable with -- >> eney. >> with energy. >> yes. >> and this of course is at a very sic level the sec"et to the atomic bomb. , of course, rejected with i@ think complely correctly rejected the idea that he had pa trntty of the atomic bomb. hehad nothing to do with that p"ogram, but he did come up with the equation and soaked in. >> that isn't quite true, though,it? >> he could not see what the equation produced. >> he wrote a letter to roosevelt and said that uranium is susceptible to the atomic power in so many words. th could be done by others. that was suggested in a letter, correct? and that led@rooselt to form a@committee. that committee would then assemble in the manhattan project. now as i read einstein, he's
helps feed a nation which is addressing the salvation. china is providing a great deal of energy to north korea. china borders on north korea and opening its border would have a huge impact on north korea. if there is any nation in the . china helpsworld that can bringe leverage, have some leverage on north korea, and make them understand you cannot go threatening nuclear war in 2013, it is china. i hope very much china accepts its contractual responsibility and does everything that it can to bring north korea into the and stop of nations the behavior that we have seen in recent months. tavis: it never take this bierce -- you never take this behavior lightly. no matter how erratic and bizarre. >> the difficulty is when you are dealing with the nation that has nuclear weapons, if you are 99% sure that is bluster, you still get a little bit nervous because they have nuclear weapons. they have strong missile capability. because they are so isolated because their leadership is so far out of touch with the needs of their people, many of them, the winter epidemic of starvation -- and t
supply a huge amount of economic assistance, energy assistance. the north is very dependent on them. china's main concern is stability. they do not want to see thousands and thousands of north korean refugees pouring across their border. so i would hope that behind closed doors, china would be having very candid and forceful conversation with this new leadership in north korea. i think that secretary kerry's trip in china was very much to encourage them to do that and because i think while china certainly doesn't control north korea, they have more leverage than any other international actor. in the mix. >> charlie: there are some who believe that the chinese are very much opposed to the north koreans doing this because of their oarch interest. they don't want to see the united states move into asia, new kinds of missile defense systems and the like that would make their own circumstance more difficult for them. >> i think the chinese are concerned about the fact that north korean threats, bellicosity could actually cause the united states to build up its military posture in the reg
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)